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Working with a creative agency should be the most rewarding and enjoyable part of your day. At Murray Brand, our graphic designers, production experts, brand consultants and project managers work hard to make this a reality. Our work reflects our passion for creativity, our excitement for discovery and the daily enjoyment we experience partnering
with our clients.

Our Work

Welcome to Murray Brand’s portfolio of recent design work. To speed you to the examples that are most relevant to your needs, our portfolio has been divided into the following sections:

Services - examples of packaging, identity, naming, digital, collateral, environments and more.

Markets - examples of projects targeted at specific markets and channels.

Total Branding - examples of complete brand redesigns impacting all consumer touch points.

Knowledge is Power

Informed Creativity, that's our guiding principle. We dig deeper to uncover fresh ideas that will bring a new perspective to our clients' brands. We inform our creative process with the latest consumer insights, proven branding principles and emerging design trends. In our Knowledge Center we bring you a variety of resources to assist you in making better branding decisions.

Main Offices

San Francisco
3328 Steiner Street
San Francisco, CA 94123
Phone: 415.567.4402
89 Beauval Road East
Dulshich London, England SE22 8UH
Phone: 0779 047 9570


We work on a broad collection of projects ranging from complete brand or packaging system redesigns to new websites to single SKU line extensions. Our brand-building solutions strike a balance between strategy and design by blending well-defined branding and marketing principles with inspired creative execution. This approach allows us to deliver consistent revenue growth for our clients, garners industry recognition for our creative teams and forms the basis for our many long-term partnerships.


At Murray Brand we keep things simple. By employing a flat organizational structure and multidisciplinary team approach, we give design, project management, brand strategy and production an equal voice in solving each creative challenge. This approach delivers more comprehensive solutions, compresses project timelines and reduces unnecessary costs and overhead.


Murray Brand's award-winning work has been featured in multiple national trade publications for design excellence. We're pleased to share what others are saying about us and the results that have been realized by our clients from our creative partnerships.


Murray Brand Communications has been honored more than 150 times during the past twenty years for design excellence. Our most recent accolades include eight American Graphic Design Awards for excellence in identity, packaging, and print design presented in 2010.


Our design and brand strategy services are built around a simple idea. Strong brands distinguish themselves because they deliver a consistent message to consumers no matter what the promotional vehicle. Known as integrated marketing communications, our solutions allow the client to partner with one branding resource whether the need is for a new packaging line extension or for a total brand redesign requiring a new identity, consumer product packaging, website and promotional literature.


At Murray Brand, we've worked in nearly every retail channel and in every aisle of the store over the past 20 years. As such, we know the imagery and messaging that motivates consumers, we understand the competitive landscape and we're skilled at avoiding the roadblocks that can derail a project or delay a product's release to market. Tap into our channel expertise, and we’ll help your next product launch be a success.

Total Branding

Perhaps your brand needs a facelift. Perhaps your competitive landscape has changed. Maybe you're trying to attract an entirely new target audience. Whatever the reason, you may be faced with the need to undertake a total brand redesign. At Murray Brand our vision and experience enables us to create and extend your new brand identity across all promotional assets. We know your identity needs to work on everything from a mouse pad, to a retail package to the side of a truck.


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Brand Glossary

Our brand glossary is a compendium of the industry and academic lexicon frequently used in marketing, brand management, design and print production. Each term and definition leverages the research and thinking of industry thought leaders including Dr. Edward Tufte at the Yale School of Design, Dr. David Aaker, Dr. Phillip Kotler at the Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Leatrice Eiseman, consultant to Pantone Inc. and Dr. Michael Porter of the Harvard Business School.

White Papers

Expertise takes time and is honed through trial, error, refinement and success. During the two decades we've practiced our craft, we've remained alert to the importance of taking the best thinking from each of the more than 3,000 projects we've executed. The result? A series of perspectives distilled from thousands of hours of real-world design, branding, consumer research and print production engagements.

Brand News

Each week, members of our team scan the Internet for relevant news, innovative approaches and provocative perspectives to ensure we are up to date and developing solutions that are beyond conventional thinking.

Informed Creativity. It's at the core of Murray Brand's commitment to quality and partnership.

White Papers

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